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都市の「シェルター」をリサーチするプロジェクト「Shelter Studies」。サンパウロ、カラカス、ボゴタ、ニューヨーク、ジュネーヴ、パリ、ロンドン、イスタンブール……世界の都市を巡り、そこに住まう人々への30のインタヴュー|Shelter Studies is project to research various 'Shelter' by Keisaku Fukuda+Robert Schmidt+Gonzalo Velez. They interview 30 key persons living in vulnerable urban space.|Powered by MT 2.65Syndicate this site

Name: Washington Ferreira
Profession: student. 2 Brothers Foundation (local ngo)
Nationality: Brazilian
Date of Interview: Oct. 17th
URL: http://www.2bros.org/

The opposite of Rogerio at first, Washington presented himself as a calm and quiet young man, but after the first fifteen minutes Washington revealed more of his true nature joking and laughing freely. He presented himself very intelligently, and spoke well about his aspiration to teach.
Both Rogerio and Washington represent how a small opportunity to study English can offer a completely different perspective in life. Having the chance to learn English while growing up, keeping them off the streets, and giving them a tool to use has inspired them to give what they received back to the community.
Both speak with desire of making Rocinha better, but with a real tone to the problems that exist. Both understand the incremental changes that they can make now, with hopes of much larger changes in the future. Both are true heroes in the community.

What is your background?
I am 21 years old, and I came from the northeast state called Pelaribra when I was 13, and I've been living in Rocinha since then.

What is a positive/negative aspect about living in Rocinha from your perspective?
Positve points are the sense of community, and helping each other out. The negative things are the drug traffic, and the lack of care from the government.

Why/How did you get invovled with 2bros?
I started learning English here in 1998, and after that I decided to come here and help the new students. At that time we were out of volunteers, so I decided to help instead of being helped.

What kind of hope does 2bros present to the children?
Our goal is to work with all of the kids who our out in the streets, and are getting seduced by the traffickers to work with them. Everyone here is teaching them language, a basic sense of phonics, and an education to move them off of the streets, and away from the traffic.

Could you tell us your hope/dreams for the future?
I am studying history, and I would like to be a professor because I like to teach.