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都市の「シェルター」をリサーチするプロジェクト「Shelter Studies」。サンパウロ、カラカス、ボゴタ、ニューヨーク、ジュネーヴ、パリ、ロンドン、イスタンブール……世界の都市を巡り、そこに住まう人々への30のインタヴュー|Shelter Studies is project to research various 'Shelter' by Keisaku Fukuda+Robert Schmidt+Gonzalo Velez. They interview 30 key persons living in vulnerable urban space.|Powered by MT 2.65Syndicate this site

I certainly think the world is artificial, a creation of culture. Likewise, the city is the essential expression of artificiality, there is nothing natural about cities. Some think that rural is natural, and urban is artificial. Today there is no boundary dividing the urban and rural, everything belongs to the artificial.
From the outset, our group has essentially been 'informal', considering the way it was established, the methodology it applies and the topic itself 'informal settlements'.
Is there really something informal in artificiality? Actually, I believe not, and for this reason I would prefer calling them 'in formation settlements'.
Personally, I find these settlements astoundingly vibrant, culturally creative, physically rich, and essentially alive, comparing with its counterpart the 'formal city' or rather the 'mature city'. The attractiveness of these settlements, shelters and settlers is undeniable.
My main interest is to learn from the 'in-formation world', the experiences and solutions for confronting the loopholes of development, especially regarding their communities and their physical environment, cities and shelters.